Audit and Protect your Data Asset in Advance of GDPR regulation

Our priority at Nutshell GDPR is ensuring you are able to continue to use your data asset to leverage revenue and profitability in your business.

We combine consultancy expertise with outreach campaigning to ‘Get-Consents’ if this is preferred, has business case support and is possible to run the activity within the available window of opportunity ending May 22nd 2018.

We isolate your data-asset from all other GDPR business process re-design objectives. 

Taking each of your organisations many datasets, we provide a clear picture of compliance requirement, understand your future-use and leverage value from this data and provide practical campaigning solutions to upgrade or consent the data if this is required. 

With expertise in email and telephony campaigning, we’re here to ensure that your requirements are understood and a campaign process is well-planned and executed.  We provide full solutions for serviced campaigning - in both email and telephony channels.  

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